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FLAVIO GRAFF is an award-winning MULTIMEDIA ARTIST and producer based in London. He received the GOLDEN TRIGA for the installation The Perfect Cook for the Souls of our World, in the Prague Quadrennial of Performance, Design and Space in 2011. Since 2001 he has been designing, creating and producing both his own works and for prestigious production companies. His work combines costumes, installation, performance, videoart, film, music, dance, poetry and dramaturgy where the focus is the experience that can emerge from creative action between the audience, subjective space and narratives. He has developed concepts about different kinds of interactive participation and how it can stimulate the receiver’s perceptions and their own creative processes. This artistic research has resulted in striking contemporary artworks with new developments focusing on the subjective experience.


His most recent projects are the screenplay for the feature film Saleswoman of Illusions, in partnership with the production company Cine and Clovis Mello - in the funding process; the installation and costumes for the interactive show Jamboree by Oily Cart. He also created the installation and performance Five Years based on David Bowie’s album Ziggy Stardust performed in London; designed the Iford Art’s Madama Butterfly at Iford Manor, directed by Bruno Ravella; created the installation and performance Theatrical Giant Puppets of Olinda at Horniman Museum and Gardens in London. Directed and designed the short opera Thorstein Shiver by Alex Paxton at English National Opera Warehouse; was the Costume Director for the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain’s Backstage Course.

Won the awards: ANCINE to write the script Drowned Gloria in 2015. SHELL for stage design, APCA and QUALIDADE BRASIL for best drama, and FUNARTE for the play There must be something in me that’s enough in 2004. FITA for costume design for the play Outside – a noir musical in 2011. MYRIAM MUNIZ for the play – NUDE of Myself in 2008. Nominated for the awards: SHELL, ELETROBRÁS and CONTIGO for stage design for Perfect Cook for the Souls of our World in 2006. SHELL for stage design for The Forgottens World in 2007. APTR for stage and costume design, SHELL and QUESTÃO DE CRÍTICA for costume design for the play Outside – a noir musical in 2011. QUESTÃO DE CRÍTICA for stage design for Horse Face, 2012. ZILKA SALABERRY for stage design for The Boy Who Sold Words in 2012. CONTIGO for costume design for The Mark Of Zorro in 2010. MARIA CLARA MACHADO for stage design for Pluft, the Little Phantom in 2003/2013 and Memories of the Belly in 2002.


GRAFF studied screenwriting and art direction for film at Central Saint Martins – University of the Arts London. He has a Masters degree in communication and culture – Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ - in 2011, with the dissertation Other Cinema – about the image and the converging aesthetics of film, performance and videoart. Graduated in social communication – Pontifical Catholic of Rio de Janeiro – PUC RJ - in 1997. Lecturer of art direction and stage design – School of Fine Arts – UFRJ, 2010-11/2004-05. 


Took part of Autonomous Theatre Company between the years 2001 and 2008.

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